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“Programs of utilizing energy economically and effectively” to be implemented effectively

The Center of Industrial Promotion and Industrial Development Consultancy (the Center) have been implementing the programs of utilizing energy economically and effectively in private sector and schools. So far, many fruitful results have been gained from the programs.

Understanding the importance and great benefits of utilizing new sources of energy in the present time for manufacturers, and the society in the terms of environmental protection, the Center have been implementing the program “Using Biogas for power generation in farms” in the province. According to Ms. Tran Kim Le, Manager of Industrial promotion Unit, there are 6 farms that have invested in biogas generators in three districts: Chau Duc, Tan Thanh, and Xuyen Moc. The national and local industrial promotion programs financed VND 100 million for the six farms. Thanks to the biogas generators, the farms have made full use of the waste and turned it into power, saving 50% of the power bill every month. The biogas generator is also considered as a good solution to the environmental pollution problems caused by the waste from farming.

The program of supporting solar heat pumps for kindergartens in the province is another effective program implemented by the Center. Since 2009, the Center have been supporting the solar heat pumps in 12 kindergartens in Tan Thanh district, Long Dien district, Xuyen Moc district, Chau Duc district, and Con Dao district. On average each heat pump costs around VND 100 million. Thanks to the solar heat pump the cost of catering in kindergartens has reduced by half. “The solar heat pump not only meets the demand of our pupils but it also helps us save a lot of expenditures”, said Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, the headmistress of Phuoc Hai Kindergarten, Dat Do district. In 2013, the Center has conducted a survey of the need of solar heat pumps in kindergartens located in the province in the period from 2013 to 2017. Up to now, 100 kindergartens were surveyed.

The Center has received financial supports from businesses to install solar cells in Hang Duong Martyrs’ Cemetery, Con Dao Island. Now there are 1000 solar cells in the Cemetery, from 100 solar cells installed in the first time. They are effective in terms of publicity. Now many businesses and persons donate big solar cells to install in Con Dao, which helps to save power from the Con Dao diesel –based power plant.

In 8 months of 2013, kWh 35 million was saved in the province, which has a big contribution from the industrial promotion in power saving.