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IZs in BR-VT operate stably

In common with attracting new investment projects, since the beginning of the year, activities of enterprises in the industrial zones (IZs) in the province have more favorable changes, increase in turnover and created stable jobs for hundreds of thousands of laborers.

Like other businesses in the country, businesses in IZs in the province encounter disadvantages in production and trading, such as rise in prices of electricity, gas and raw materials …make the production costs increased. However, many businesses have measures for sustained production, stable employment for laborers and somewhat growth. From the beginning of the year, the value of industrial production in IZs have reached VND43,099 billion, up 1.5 % compared with the same period last year; sales reached more than USD4,631 million, reaching 84.2 % of the plan, export turnover  gained nearly USD885 million, reaching 98% of the plan. Nevertheless, according to the BR-VT Industrial Zones Authority, the export turnover have increased over the same period but remained low. This is due to the consumer demand of the market fell, slow moving articles.

Recently, the province's IZs continue attracting large-scale projects, high investment rates, using less labor. Achieved this result, besides the existing advantages, it should mention the efforts of the province in offering tax incentives, flexible policies in the lease, social policies. Especially, focusing resources for investment in infrastructure of IZs outside the fence, creating favorable conditions for the establishment of IZs with sufficient infrastructure of electricity, water, roads .... The Industrial Zones Authority also issued an investment certificate for one domestic projects of Song Than Steel Co., Ltd. with a total registered investment capital of VND290 billion dong.

Nevertheless, according to the BR-VT province’s Industrial Zones Authority, in the context of the current economic difficulties, attracting investment in the IZs is still difficult. As yet, there have been 255 IZs in the province in force with a total investment of USD12,624 billion, lease area of 1847.2 ha. The occupancy rate is low in the IZs. Implementation of projects in the IZs is not satisfied.

Ms. Tran Thi Huong, Director of the Department of Trade and Industry, the occupancy rate in the IZs, industrial clusters (ICs) in the province gets low, the province has been focusing investment completely in technical infrastructure of IZs and ICs which were established as well as promoting activities of  investment promotion. In addition, the province also deployed the plan of an IZ specialized in mechanics so to attract Japanese businesses to invest and develop supporting industries.

Thao Phuong