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Value of industrial production got low growth in 2013

The Department of Industry and Trade told the news that in 2013, the value of industrial production of the province (including oil and gas) got the low growth rate, only 4.31% (planned at 5.26%). Except for crude oil and gas, the industrial production value increased by 6.02% compared with 2012 (targeted 8% ). Some industrial products accounting for a large share of the provincial structure of industrial production growth rate fell such as crude oil, ceramic tiles, wind towers, seafood, fertilizer or gaining a low rise such as electricity, cement, PVC plastic... showed the difficult economic situation, reducing aggregate demand, products hard to consumed so production activities get stagnated.

Accordingly, in 2013, only 11/20 key industrial products got a rise in comparison with 2012, in which liquefied petroleum gas, steel, wheat, leather, ready-made garments, ceramic tiles, steel embryo .. . increased from 2.93% to 41.24%. The remaining products decreased because of shrinking output market, consumption needs lessened, that led to the decrease in production. Namely, wind tower  (down 48.87%), vegetable oil (down 27.01%), ceramic tiles (down 14.68%), shoes (down 14%), seafood (down 8.86%) ...were drastically decreased. As compared with the 2013 plan, only 5/20 products exceeded the plan, such as gas, liquefied petroleum gas, ready-made garments, bolts – screws -bolt nuts and vegetable oil.

Lam Giang